I love Lisa’s yoga classes! Her adjustments have helped me grow into poses that seemed inaccessible before. Her pacing provides spaces to sink deeper into breath and reflection, while still creating a challenging, strength building class. She’s particularly talented at modifying poses for injuries and a variety of body types. Her warm, heart-felt presence creates a welcoming, safe vibe. She’s truly a gifted teacher.
— Brandy A

I’m an older man. . . and was never a big gym guy, so doing Pilates was a completely new experience for me. Lisa was extremely patient and supportive, allowing me to find my way. I knew I was messing up and would just try and come close to the rest of the group. When I was way off or gave her the look of “HELP” she was right there gently guiding me into the right position or motion.
Her positivity is inspiring. She’s extremely friendly, supportive and motivational.
— Jim B

Lisa is warm, smart and intuitive. I take both pilates and yoga with her and she is able to infuse her spirit into both. I have lower back issues and have been working with Lisa for the last 6 months. She is always able to meet me where I am at, and I always feel better after working with her. She has a keen eye and is able to adjust you right where it is needed as well as provide you with cues that are extremely effective! She is awesome! I highly recommend her for strength building, therapeutics, mental health and overall well being!
— Deedee L

You know you’re in good hands the moment you meet Lisa - her warm-hearted spirit is welcoming and inclusive to all and she has a talent for seeing and meeting people where they’re at in their bodies and in their practice. No matter what your physical ability is, you will feel you gained something insightful working with Lisa, both in private sessions and public classes. Her smile,confidence and breadth of knowledge put you at ease, and you can’t help but have fun, even during physically challenging moments!

As a fellow yoga teacher, I appreciate her mindfulness and level of preparedness that she brings to each session. Myself as a newbie to pilates, I am enjoying learning more about how to engage and strengthen the deeper muscles of my body through our private pilates sessions.
— Emiko Oye, Forrest Yoga Teacher (
Abs Assist

Lisa’s grounded presence, focused energy and engaging voice truly made me feel that I was the recipient of her undivided attention. She has such care and insight to offer!
— Lauren R
Lisa has a unique brightness in her voice and smile. Her passion for yoga floods the room when she teaches, transforming challenging classes into fun time on the mat. Abs with Lisa are priceless!
— Cristiana S

I’d been living with shoulder pain for several years before I started working with Lisa. Gravity and stress had taken toll on my 50+ yr old body; I couldn’t lift my arms over my shoulders, and I could only sleep when on my back. Physical therapy wasn’t working: some aches were improving but others worsened. I was depressed about my prospects for the future.

Then I met with Lisa to talk about Pilates. Lisa listened to my story, studied my movement, and started working on a number of issues related to my shoulder pain. Not just the shoulders, but my back, arms, sides and abs. Lisa is helping me, gently but firmly, correct my biomechanics. It’s hard work, but Lisa is encouraging, and the Pilates exercises are working wonders. Shoulder pain doesn’t hold me back any more. I am stronger, and my balance is better. I feel confident in my body, instead of feeling at its mercy. Yay, Pilates! And many thanks to the irrepressible Ms Day who keeps me on my toes (and knees, and butt, and back.) If you are looking for help managing chronic pain, give Lisa a chance to work on your biomechanics. Pilates with Lisa might become your favorite part of the week, too.
— Amy K

As an ultra-marathon trail runner, sidelined by a knee injury, I wasn’t quite sure what to do until I spoke with Lisa. After a conversation about what was happening with my body, we both decided the best place for me to start was with her Reformer Pilates classes. I began to see changes right away. Lisa knew exactly what I needed to regain my body strength again. She is the most amazing compassionate and encouraging teacher I’ve ever met.

Using the reformer pilates machine was the perfect solution for me, I was able to strengthen my knees, abs, hips and buttocks without putting excess weight on my knees. After running 50Ks I wasn’t even able to walk 1 mile without pain, but with Lisa’s help and patient guidance I have gotten stronger and more fit. Her classes have allowed me to be hopeful that I will be back to running my ultra marathons sooner than I would have even thought possible.
— Raven I

I have never truly considered yoga being for me. I am not flexible, skinny or fond of bright colored wild printed fabrics. I do workout, stretch and just happen to look good in black, I might be flexible if my pudgy parts didn’t get in the way.

But I did try Lisa Day’s Candlelight Forrest Yoga Class at Innerstellar Pilates & Yoga Studio in Berkeley and LOVED IT! Lisa helped me find ways to makes the poses work for me and the level I am currently at. Everyone there modified - it was encouraging to see props, blocks and different variations. Plus, I never felt judged, stressed or like I was way over my head.

I don’t know how to describe it, the class was fun, easy to keep up with and totally kicked my butt, I was sweating and sore the next day, yet it never felt like work. I loved it so much I tried it again the following week. Her class grew from 13 people to 18 - I thought (ooo no) the secret is out, they know how awesome this instructor is.
— Teresa C

I have had an amazing experience with Lisa learning Pilates. I feel more flexible and stronger than I have in a very long time.I turned 60 in January and haven’t been able to move like this in years. Lisa is extremely attentive and patient. She has inspired me to continue taking care of myself.
I would whole heartedly recommend anyone take one of Lisa’s classes. She is amazing!
— Angela D

Last Saturday I had an amazing private pilates session with Lisa Day. A dear friend gifted me the most thoughtful gift of good health for my birthday. Lisa is a fabulous instructor and instinctively keyed into my challenges and needs. Every minute of our session was educational, challenging and introspective. Lisa has the keen ability to connect with her clients and guided me to that place of oneness with body, mind and spirit. A place I haven’t been in a very long time. She educated me on the benefits of pilates and showed me ways to challenge myself daily. I left there feeling more connected with myself than I have in a very long time. She helped me map out a solid path to wellness starting with making pilates a part of my life. What a beautifully transformational day. Thank you for such an incredible experience. You rock Lisa!
— Renee D